Saturday, May 22, 2010

BeeVee 2.1.2 - What News

  • check, only pin ALTERNATE will be read in board_xy
  • add Credits messagebox

Special thanks to Pantas for his feedback.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BeeVee 2.1.1 - What News

These are found in ChangesLog.txt

  • Applied: not found message in findbar mode
  • Applied: MessageBeep in finding
  • New: import bom/attribute file ability
  • New: via coloring
  • Fixed: click double-components bug
  • New: 1:1 icon in toolbar
  • Applied: clear selection by right-click
  • New: move board origin lower left to 0,0
  • New: move board origin by external refrence
  • New: offset board menu/function
  • New: option update
  • Added: compare placement menu/function
  • Applied: manip XY in info
  • Fixed: flip trace (objecttrace_cermin) of ARC object
  • Added: XY in info of data from plx/pls file
  • Fixed: mygeneral file reading bug when 'tb' is more than 7 chars
  • Applied: Versioning (for developers)

BeeVee 2.1.1 was Released

In begining of 2009, BeeVee have a new release version. After long time in development version, it was released finally.

The binary file can be downloaded from
It was compiled from Ubuntu Linux machine for Windows XP machines, tested under Wine. So, pls feedback if the binary file can not run in real Windows XP machines.

For the moments, source code can be downloaded from SVN only.

Thanks for using BeeVee!

Monday, December 1, 2008 is DOWN!

Due my resource limitation., where BeeVee application are hosted, is down. I donot know if I can or not to bring it up again.

The positive is this project is centered in google code.